Boeing fights back with even larger 737 Max

Kane Davis Cooper ̶  Boeing has announced that it is proceeding with a new larger version of its 737 Max.

Boeing has been fighting a losing battle against its rival Airbus in the big single-aisle plane market with Airbus selling around five times the amount of jets that Boeing has.

The new model will be less than 2 metres longer than the current 737 Max and be able to squeeze in up to around 50 more passengers.

Boeing also stated that it will announce orders from over ten customers for the new stretched 737 and have the planes in service by 2020. The existing 737 Max 9, which is debuting at the Paris air show this week, has sold poorly and is expected to come into service next year.

Kevin McAllister, Boeing Commercial Airplane chief executive believes that the airlines want more seats on each plane so that it what Boeing is going to offer.

The first planes in the Max line, the Max 8, only entered service in May with a Malaysian airline and should use nearly 15% less fuel because of engine developments and better aerodynamics, according to the makers.

The Max 10 will be the fifth of Boeing’s family of single-aisle Max planes and the third model to be launched in as many years. That raised questions in financial circles as to whether Boeing is trying to wring too much out of its worker jet to compete with Airbus.

Time will tell if Boeing has got the latest reincarnation of their jet correct. Kevin McAllister, Boeing Commercial Airplane chief executive believes that the new model looks great and there has been lots of interest from potential customers.

Demand for single-aisle planes is increasingly popular amongst airlines, making up over 4 out of 10 of Airbus’s deliveries in 2016, a big rise from just 13% in 2010.